Hello families!

We would like for you to spread the message to your public school friends that many public schools in Portage County and some in Summit County have been designated as “EdChoice Scholarship Designated Schools” (see list below).

This means that students who attend or would be entering (kindergarten or new families) those schools are eligible for free tuition (not including fees) to St. Patrick School. This scholarship will follow the student through high school (with some qualifications, I’m sure!)

This is not income-based! Students who already attend a private school are not eligible for this scholarship.

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The EdChoice Expansion Program is designed to assist families who’s income falls within stated guidelines and is good for K-12 students. If you believe you may qualify for this scholarship, please contact Josette.

Please spread the word that we have a great thing going here at St. Patrick School, and we can share our blessings with our friends. Bring parents and their children to our Open House on Jan 26th, from 12 to 2, so they can see what is open to them.

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Portage County Summit County
Crestwood Intermediate

Crestwood Middle School

Brimfield Elementary

Field High School – Brimfield

JA Garfield Elementary – Garrettsville

Davey Elementary – Kent

Holden Elementary – Kent

Longcoy Elementary – Kent

Walls Elementary – Kent

Brown Middle School – Ravenna

Carlin Elementary – Ravenna

West Main Elementary – Ravenna

West Park Elementary – Ravenna

Willyard Elementary – Ravenna

Rootstown Elementary

Southeast Intermediate Elementary

Katherine Thomas Elementary – Windham

Includes but is not limited to the following:

Much of Akron City

Fishcreek Elementary – Stow

Lakeview Elementary – Stow

Kimpton Middle School – Stow

Dunbar Elementary – Tallmadge

Munroe Elementary – Tallmadge

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