2023-2024 St. Patrick School Supply List

Teachers may add to or vary from these supply lists according to their classroom needs, but generally, students should begin the school year with the following items.

Primary Grades Class Supplies (Kindergarten – 4th Grade)

Printer-Friendly K-4 Supplies

Grade 5 Class Supplies

Printer-Friendly Grade 5 Supplies

Grade 6-8 Class Supplies

Printer-Friendly Grade 6-8 Supplies

** We recommend that these are durable binders since they will use them everyday and for every class. Additionally, pronged folders are required for specials only. Prongs are optional for other subject folders UNLESS NOTED. Also, if there is a financial need for any of the school supplies, please notify your homeroom teacher. The color coordinated supplies are requested to help each student with academic organization which can assist in fostering academic success. Students may label and decorate the notebooks/folders in their own unique style.