Coach and Volunteer Information

The Booster Club is always looking for volunteers.  Whether it is to fill an available seat on our board, chair or help with fundraising events, be a liaison to the parish community, gym monitor, or a coach to mentor our student athletes. There are many jobs that need done and all we require is your time and talents.

CYO Coaching Requirements:

  • CDP Class (provided by CYO)
  • CPC Class (provided by St Patrick School)

Coaches interested are required by CYO to participate in a 1 time class known as the CDP.  You can find information about this class at or you can contact the Athletic Director using our CYO Contact Form.

All Coaches are also required to take the Child Protection Class that is provided by the Parish. This is the same class that all parents have to take to help out in the classroom and go on field trips, etc.  You can contact the Church office for details.

Contact the Athletic Director for any other details and questions.