Basketball Information

Basketball is a winter sport. Practices begin November 1st and games run until March. Sign ups begin in October. Basketball is our biggest sport and consists of usually 8-10 teams and 85 athletes. Practices are held on the week nights at our gym and area Kent Public School gyms. Games are on the weekends. There are open gyms that are scheduled in October.

Please click on the On-Line Registration link below to register your student athlete.  You must also complete the Pre-Participation Form and Hold Harmless agreement in the Downloads & Documents section on this page. Fees for all the sports vary from year to year based on CYO team fees. Forms with physicals and fees must be turned in before any athlete can participate.  A new set of forms is required for each school year.

General CYO Basketball Schedule & Maps Page

2023-2024 Basketball Registration

On-Line Athlete Registration (BASKETBALL)

Contact the Athletic Director for any questions regarding basketball.

St Patrick 3rd Girls Basketball Schedule-Coach Bobbi Ross

12/31:00 pmHoly FamilyHoly Family (Stow)
12/101:00 pmSeton CatholicSt Patrick
12/171:00 pmSt BarnabasSt Barnabas
1/72:00 pmSeton CatholicSt Patrick
1/141:00 pmSt HillarySt Patrick
1/212:00 pmSt JosephSt Patrick
1/283:00 pmHoly FamilySt Barnabas
2/41:00 pmSt BarnabasSt Bartholomew

St Patrick 4th/5th Girls Basketball Schedule-Coach Shaun Fox

12/34:00 pm St. BarnabasSt. Patrick (Kent)
12/104:00 pmSt. AmbroseSt. Patrick (Kent)
12/173:00 pmSt. HilarySt. Patrick (Kent)
1/74:00 pmSt. HilarySt. Patrick (Kent)
1/145:00 pmHoly FamilySt. Patrick (Kent)
1/212:00 amSt. SebastianSt. Sebastian (Akron)
1/27 5:30 pmSt. Francis de SalesSacred Heart (Wadsworth)
2/42:00 pmSacred HeartSeton Catholic (Hudson) 

St Patrick 6th Grade Girls Basketball Schedule-Coach Chad Storlie

 12/33:00 pmImmaculate HeartHoly Family
 12/104:00 pmSt Hilary-FairlawnSt Hilary-Fairlawn
12/174:00 pmSt. SebastianSt. Sebastian
1/7 1:00 pmSt. HilaryHoban Court 2
1/141:00 pmSeton CatholicHoban Court 2
1/213:00 pmImmaculate HeartSt. Sebastian
1/2866:00 pmSt. HilaryImmaculate Heart of Mary
Sunday 2/53:00 pmSt. SebastianHoly Family

St Patrick 3rd Grade Boys Basketball Schedule-Coach Chris Earls

12/212:30 pmSt. Anthony (Akron)St. Anthony (Akron)
12/910:00 amSt. Barnabas (Northfield)  St Patrick (Kent)
12/162:00 pm Seton Catholic (Hudson)St Patrick (Kent)
1/612:00 amSt. Hilary (Fairlawn)St Patrick (Kent)
1/131:00 pmSt Vincent de PaulSt Patrick (Kent)
1/201:00 pmSt. Anthony (Akron)St Patrick (Kent)
1/2710:00 amSt. Barnabas (Northfield)  St. Barnabas (Northfield)  
Saturday 2/41:00 pmSeton Catholic (Hudson) St Patrick (Kent)

St Patrick 4th Grade Boys Basketball Schedule-Coach Robin Crocker

12/2        4:00 pm  Holy Family (Stow)St. Patrick (Kent)
12/93:00 pmSt Hilary (Fairlawn)  St. Patrick (Kent)
12/1610:00 amSt. SebastianSt. Patrick (Kent)
1/69:00 amImmaculate HeartSt. Patrick (Kent)
1/133:00 pmSeton CatholicSt. Patrick (Kent)
1/2010:00 amHoly Family (Stow)St. Patrick (Kent)
1/2711:00 amSt Hilary (Fairlawn)  St Vincent de Paul
Saturday 2/42:00 pmSt. SebastianSt. Patrick (Kent)

St Patrick 6th Grade Boys Basketball Schedule-Coach John Havanas

12/3       3:00 pm    St. BarnabasSt Barnabas
12/91:00 pmSt HilarySt Hilary
12/162:30 pmSt HilarySt Hilary
1/71:00 pmSt. Francis XavierWalsh Court 2
1/1312:00 pmSt. AnthonySt Sebastian
1/202:00 pmSacred HeartSt. Sebastian
1/282:00 pmSeton CatholicHoban 2
2/312:00 pmSt. Barnabas
St. Barnabas

St Patrick 7th Grade Boys Basketball Schedule-Coach Jeff Rainer

Date 12/3  Time 3:00 pmOpponent Seton Catholic (Hudson) Place Seton Catholic (Hudson) 
12/102:00 pm St Gabriel  Seton Catholic (Hudson) 
12/135:30 pmIHMHoly Family Tournament
12/171:00 pmMater Dei AcademyGilmour Academy
12/175:00 pmMassillon CatholicHoly Family Tournament
12/225:00 pm Holy FamilyHoly Family Tournament
1/47:00 pmSt Mary ChardonSt Dominic Shaker Heights
1/55:15 pmSt Francis De SalesHoly Family Tournament
1/6TBATBAHoly Family Tournament
1/61:00 pm St Francis XavierSt Vincent De Paul
1/7 5:00 pm St Joan of ArcWalsh Jesuit
1/126:00 pmSt HilarySt Dominic Shaker Heights
1/1312:00 pmHoly FamilyHoly Family
1/19TBATBASt Dominic Shaker Heights
1/203:00 pm Seton CatholicSeton Catholic
1/213:00 pmSt GabrielSt Barnabas
1/273:00 pmSt Joan of ArcBlossom Hill Field House
1/285:00 pmHoly FamilyHoly Family
2/32:00 pm MAter Dei AcademySeton Catholic

St Patrick 8th Grade Boys Basketball Schedule-Coach Tyler Ashe

12/24:30 pmSt HilarySt. Hilary
12/36:00 pmSt. MaryHoban Court 1
12/91:00 pmHoly FamilyHoly Family
12/97:00 pmWestinHoly Family Tournament
12/172:00 pmSpring GardenHoban Court 2
12/195:00 pmSt BarnabasHoly Family Tournament
12/215:15 pmSt RitaHoly Family Tournament
1/6            TBA            TBAHoly Family Tournament Championship
1/64:30pm            St Augustine                        St Sebastian       
1/74:00 pmSt JosephAkron St Vincent
1/144:00 pmHoly FamilyWalsh Court 1
1/216:00 pmSpring GardenAkron St Vincent
1/285:00 pm St HilaryAkron Hoban
2/45:00 pm Holy FamilyWalsh Jesuit