General Information


It is a great time to be involved with St. Patrick School! Our students are thriving, learning, and experiencing more than ever before. The standardized test scores of our students have well surpassed those of any other school in our diocese and exceed those of students in public schools. We are reaching a student body that spans Kent, Ravenna, Streetsboro, Tallmadge, Suffield, Brimfield, Rootstown, and Stow.

Giving to St. Patrick

We appreciate your interest in supporting our students. We believe a faith-based education is a worthwhile investment, and so do the families who send their children to St. Patrick.

In order to help families who want to send their children to St. Patrick School but may not be able to afford it, we’ve established a Student Tuition Assistance Program. The Tuition Assistance Committee has designed several fundraising events to help build the fund, and we hope to have some alumni assistance. If your experience at St. Patrick’s – or your child’s – began a lifelong education based on the Catholic tradition, what better way to respond than to help others enjoy the same good start in their lives?.

Other long-term improvements are planned. If you are able to help, please contact us to let us know.