Our School

Why a Private School? Why a Parochial Education?

Today’s Classroom Meets Tomorrow’s Needs

Accredited by the State of Ohio and the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association, St. Patrick meets or exceeds all state standards. A comprehensive curriculum establishes a strong foundation for a continuous strengthening of students’ skills as they progress from kindergarten to eighth grade in a safe, family-oriented environment.

We still place a value on the basics. Exposing young minds to a powerful combination of education and spirituality, our core curriculum includes religion, mathematics, science, language arts and social studies. Music and art are included in a strong fine arts program.

We have also made a commitment to technological innovation. Within the classroom experience, technology plays a vital role in student learning. Children are enriched by instruction in computer science. We continue to upgrade our computers and software as equipment and funds become available.

Challenging Students to Reach Their Full Potential

What children learn from their teachers has a powerful influence on their character. Our faculty is composed of skilled, dedicated teachers, guidance counselors and tutors. They are sensitive to the uniqueness of each student, and provide an environment of structure, discipline, and direction. They help students nurture and develop a positive self-image and a respect for others.

Teachers hold each child to a high standard of achievement. As a result of these high expectations, children are challenged in both class and homework assignments. Each student is expected to accept responsibility for his or her actions. Teachers feel that they are responsible for each child’s success, and they are determined that each child will succeed. Letting each student know this enhances the student’s feeling of self worth.

A Commitment to Uphold Your Goals and Values

As parents, you are the primary educators of your children. When you choose a school for your children, you are delegating part of your responsibility to that school. That is why it is so important to make sure the school’s influence will reinforce your own goals and values for your children.

At St. Patrick we are focused on protecting and nourishing your children’s faith while providing them a productive learning environment. Our goal is to help them acquire the skills, virtues, and habits of heart and mind they need to become productive, contributing Christian citizens.

Why St. Patrick School?

We offer many programs, services, and extracurricular activities to meet your family’s needs, and to prepare your children for the 21st century.

  • Bus transport for the communities of Kent, Ravenna, Brimfield, Rootstown, Streetsboro, Tallmadge and Stow.
  • New Media Center with state-of-the-art technology
  • 10 Interactive 65″ touch-screen monitors
  • 15 SmartBoards for K-8 classroom use
  • Before and after-school care
  • K-8 Music Education: Vocal & Instrumental
  • K-8 Art Classes with a student showcase at Kent State University
  • After-school clubs such as skiing, bowling, ice skating, robotics, Panther Fitness
  • Middle School band
  • Winter and Spring Musical
  • Middle School Environmental Education with 2-day camping experience
  • Education through travel with middle school class trips to NASA, Washington DC, and Niagara Falls
  • Piano Lab (22 keyboards)
  • Financial Assistance is available

Our principal, Howard Mancini, welcomes the opportunity to meet with you personally to answer any questions you might have. Contact us to arrange a tour of St. Patrick School.

St. Patrick School – Where Every Child is Special

Children of all faiths are welcome.

Call 330-673-7232, use our inquiry form or stop by 127 Portage Street in historic Kent, Ohio.