Parent Connection


St Patrick School has ongoing fundraising (like the Certificate Program) as well as periodic fundraisers to benefit the school’s ongoing and special programs. While our primary goal of fundraising is to raise money to support school activities, we also try to have fun in the process and incorporate community building. Some of the current fundraising programs at St. Patrick are:

Home & School Fundraisers

  • Rigatoni Dinner (October)
  • Candy Sale (Fall & Spring)
  • Socials and Raffles
  • Dine to Donate
  • Used Uniforms Sale

St. Patrick School Fundraisers

  • Acme Grocery Receipts
  • Giant Eagle Apples for Students
  • Box Tops for Education
  • Ink Cartridge Recycle
  • Singing Valentines
  • St. Jude Math-a-thon
  • American Heart Association Jump-a-Thon

St. Patrick’s Certificate Program

The St. Patrick’s Certificate Program is a wonderful fundraiser for the school, church, and YOU and best of all it costs you nothing! It is also one of the school’s biggest fundraising activities. It allows you to buy over 700 different gift cards at cost (you pay $25 for a gift card valued at $25) for things that you would normally buy anyway like groceries (i.e. Acme, Giant Eagle), gas, and general merchandise (i.e. Amazon, Wal-Mart, Lowes). You can also order cards for things like vacations (hotels, airlines), restaurants/fast food, movie tickets, or gifts. Every card purchase gives you a rebate (50% of the program rebate value) that YOU can use to reduce YOUR tuition, designate for another student’s tuition, or donate it to tuition assistance or the parish. Also, with every purchase you are supporting the St. Patrick Parish and the St. Patrick Home and School Association (HSA) because each receive a donation of 25% of the program rebate value of your purchase.

So by simply using the St. Patrick Certificate Program for your purchases you are supporting St. Patrick’s Parish, the HSA/school, and at the same time saving you money that you can use to reduce your tuition, all at NO extra cost to you! And there is NO limit to how much you can save! It’s easy, as your student can bring your order home and you can even order online and print certificates out at home.

Here’s how to start using this money saving program, the St. Patrick Certificate Program, today:

    • Print and fill out the appropriate order form:
      • “St. Patrick ‘In-Stock’ Certificates Order Form” (to print click here: In-Stock Certificate Order Form 2019 to order in-stock cards.
      • “St. Patrick ‘Pre-Order’ Certificates Order Form” (to print click here: Pre-Order Certificate Order Form 2019) for cards that can be pre-ordered.
      • Please complete each field so that your order is accurately filled and tracked. If you want your order sent home with your child, Backpack Express, you must fill out that section at the bottom of your order form.
    • In stock certificates can be purchased after all the weekend Masses at St. Patrick Church, and by sending order forms into the school (payment is due at the time of buying/ordering).
    • Pre-order certificates can be ordered by filling out a St. Patrick ‘Pre-Order’ Certificates Order Form and sending it into the school or after Mass (payment is due at the time of buying/ordering). If you want to access over 700 companies go online to and place an order. You can also place orders to print your certificate online. Then fill out the top and bottom portions of a St. Patrick ‘Pre-Order’ Certificates Order Form and send it along with your payment into the school or after Mass.
    • All payments are to be in cash or checks only (sorry, no credit cards accepted as their fees would eliminate any rebate benefits). Please make checks to St. Patrick’s Certificates. ALL orders, including ScripNow eCards placed online to print at home, will not be released until payment is received.
    • In-stock orders that are placed and paid for (cash or check) after Mass and are in stock will be given immediately.
    • Orders placed after Mass that were not in stock, from the school, or online: All orders placed (physically or online) and payment received (after mass or) in the school office by 8:45 am on Monday will usually be available (for physical gift cards or printable ScripNow eCards) by Friday of that week.
      ◦ If the order is placed with the school and you specified on your order form to use Backpack Express, and we have the cards in stock, your order may be released to your child and brought home in their backpack earlier than Friday.
      ◦ Physical orders can be picked up after all of the weekend Masses.
      ◦ Online printable ScripNow eCards can be printed on Friday by logging into
      ◦ If you specified on your order form to use Backpack Express, your order will be released to your child and they should have them in their Friday folder/backpack.
      Sorry, but ALL orders, including ScripNow eCards placed online to print at home, will not be released until payment is received.

Usually at the beginning of every school year an information letter will come home with your child explaining this program in further details and “Shopwithscrip” login information.

We hope you start using this wonderful, unlimited money saving program today! It’s a win-win for you, the parish, and the school. Remember relatives and friends (even those far away using online ordering) can also support your family at St. Patrick by simply listing you as their rebate beneficiary. Thank you for your support!

Questions about the program can be directed to Grace Battaglia Hoffman, (330) 945-0939, or Julie Jalics, (330) 677-1366.