Dear St. Patrick families,
A week ago we received the news that all Ohio schools would remain closed for the remainder of the academic year. This past week we also received news that the churches would remain closed until at least May 29th. This is all very daunting as we attempt to bring content to the students, in addition to having the ability to worship as a congregation.

Let me start with an update on the school building. The school has been already disinfected. This why we are extremely cautious and hesitant to allow anyone in the building. With the custodial staff on furlough, there is no one to re-sanitize the building after someone enters. All of the demolition and cleanup on the 4th grade classroom, the computer lab and the kindergarten room has been completed. All of the affected electronics have also been removed for inspection and replacement. We are currently waiting for the final disposition of the claim with the insurance company before the new construction can begin. I cannot guestimate when this project will be completed.

Tuition assistance applications are now available. You may request one from the rectory or check with us and we will see that one is sent to you.

I spoke this week with 20th Century tours regarding our refund for the D. C. trip. All money has finally been returned to them and a check will be sent to the school. After we have received the check, we will let you know how the money will be disbursed.

I will also be speaking with the 8th grade teachers and Fr. Pentello regarding graduation. Unfortunately, we will not be able to gather and honor our students as we have traditionally done in the past. We will brainstorm this issue so that we can provide proper recognition to our 8th graders.

Mrs. Gretsinger is working to finish the school yearbook, although she will need to be creative to finish it. She is in need of pictures of any class field trips, class parties, any projects the students did for their classes. Any sports or cheerleading photos, and any club photos such as Panther Fitness, Art club, Morning announcement, etc. Please send the photos to Mrs. Zaynor or Mrs. Gretsinger at Some of the families have put photos on the Home and School Facebook site. These photos show students doing school work, projects and fun themed activities. If possible, we would ask for more familes to submit their photos to help fill the pages. If you would not want your photos in the yearbook, please let us know.

We still have families who need to send in their new or renewal Edchoice paperwork. I would like to begin soon to upload these onto the ODE websites. As always, there will be some items that will need to be corrected or added. I don’t want to wait until the last minute to upload documents or run down missing paperwork. You may mail the applications to us or drop them off at the office. We are here Monday through Thursday 10 AM to 2 PM.

I am sure that there are things that we, as a school, are forgetting to do. When you change from a normal day to day routine to something which has thrown the whole process for a loop, it is easy to forget something. I will continue to keep you updated with parent broadcasts and parent bulletins that will be posted on the school website. I would recommend that you check there from time to time. The teachers might have something posted there.

I have had the opportunity to drop in on some of the Zoom classes. It was really great to see the kids again. I know we are missing the day to day contact that we all had. Hopefully, we will resume a regular school day soon.

Stay safe! Stay healthy! And, as always ….. GO PANTHERS!