Dear St. Patrick families,

As you may have heard earlier this week, Gov. DeWine is expecting schools to reopen in the fall. Although we are not sure at this early date what everything will look like when we do reopen, we will have a plan in place. The staff and myself will be working this summer to put together plans in place so that we will be ready to go when school starts. We will be considering plans that include students in school, students learning remotely, and a combination of both. Part of our consideration and plans will be those safeguards put in place from the CDC and Ohio Dept. of Education. The past three months was learning on the go, we never really had time to sit down and put a comprehensive plan together. We will be prepared the next time around.

As this year comes to a close we sadly say goodbye to four teachers. Mrs. O’Connor, Mrs. Shumiloff and Mrs. Lostoski are all retiring. Mrs. Ferguson will be moving out of the area with her family. We cannot thank them enough for the countless contributions they have all made to St. Pat’s and certainly wish them all the best of luck asthey move onto the next phase of their careers.
Grades have been completed and report cards are being prepared. Report cards will most likely be mailed home. They will also contain next year’s calendar, supply list, IOWA score sheet and anything else that will need to come home. The teachers will be preparing them next week If you haven’t picked up your child’s belongings yet, please do so soon. If you have any books or other school items, particularly chrome books, please return them also at that time.

Graduation, First Communion and Confirmation have not yet been finalized. That information will be coming in the next few weeks.

I thank all of our families for their kind words of support for the work the teachers did in preparing and delivering content to their classes during the school closure. They probably worked harder than if they had actually been in school in getting everything ready for classes. With everyone working together, we were able to weather the storm successfully.

Have a great summer. There will be Parent Bulletin updates from time to time. I will alert you when they are posted. I personally thank all of our families for their support and encouragement during this time. I would have expected nothing less!

Have great summer. School, at this time, will begin on August 24th. We all look forward to that. And, as always ….. GO PANTHERS!