Dress Code

Boys’ Uniform Regulations

Uniform Slacks

Grades 1-8 – Navy blue, black or tan uniform-style slacks (cotton twill or corduroy only) are to be worn without exception. This means Docker-style high rise dress pants. No more than 4 pockets, no elastic ankles, no studs or decorative stitching, no stirrup or knot pants, no pegging, cuffing or rolling of pants, NO CARGO pants. Slacks with “sewn-on” back pockets (outline stitching) and/or rivets are not permitted. NO JEANS of any kind, or faddish styles such as hip-huggers, bellbottoms, or baggies.

Uniform Shorts

Grades 1-8 – Navy blue, black or tan khaki uniform-style shorts may be worn from the first day of school through October 15 and from April 15 until the end of school. Shorts must be walking length (no shorter than 2″ above the knee and not covering the knee) and meet the same requirements as slacks.

Dress Shirt

Grades 1-4 – Solid white , hunter green buttoned down front with a collar, short or long sleeve Polo style, Oxford-type, and dress style or turtle necks (no mock turtle necks). No denim material. No t-shirts. No logos of any kind, except for the St. Patrick School logo. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

Grades 5-8 – Only polo style knit shirts will be acceptable.


Grades 1-8 – Hunter green, black or white cardigan, pullover and sweater vests are permissible. A white collared shirt or turtleneck must be worn underneath. No logos of any kind except for the St. Patrick School logo. All sweaters are to be no shorter than waist and no longer than hip length.


Grades 1-8 – Only crew neck or hooded sweatshirts with the St. Patrick School and school athletic logos are permitted. Colors may be grey, hunter/forest green or white. White collar shirts must be worn under crew neck and hooded sweatshirts.


ALL – Solid color navy blue, black or white socks are to be worn at all times.


Jewelry must be in good taste. One neck chain, one bracelet, one ring on each hand. No earrings.


ALL – A belt must be worn with slacks or shorts with loops. It must be navy blue, black or brown. No ornamental belts or chain attachments.


ALL – Dress shoes or tennis shoes are permitted. Laced shoes must be safely tied. No sandals,

clogs, or platform-style shoes.


ALL – Hair is to be well-groomed, not in eyes or face and no longer than collar-length. Hair must remain its natural color; no bizarre or faddish styles.


  • All Shirts Must Be Tucked In At All Times!
  • Shorts and hooded sweatshirts are not to be worn on days when we attend church (Mass, Rosary, Stations of the Cross, etc.).

Dress Code for Physical Education Classes

All grades 1-8: T-shirt and gym shorts or T-shirt and sweat pants (only) are required. Gym shorts must have elastic waists ; no zippers or buttons. T-shirts must be tasteful. St. Patrick School T-shirts are acceptable. Tennis shoes or athletic shoes must be worn. No platform athletic shoes are permitted .

Dress Up/Dress Down Day Regulations

There are several times during the year that students are allowed to dress out of uniforms

On a DRESS DOWN DAY, students may wear jeans but are expected to keep in mind that the essence of the dress code will be enforced. Tank tops, sandals, short shorts, belly shirts, mesh shirts and T-shirts with inappropriate sayings or pictures are not permitted. A small donation for DRESS DOWN DAY helps pay for special service projects or special school needs.