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Congratulations to third grade teacher, Mrs. Sue O'Connor. She has been awarded the Golden Apple Award. She is only one of seven teachers in the Diocese to receive this award.

May 12 - Grade 4 Live Museum in the morning in the church basement.

May 17 - Parent band conccert 7 PM in the church basement.

May 18 - School band concert 9:30 AM in the church basement.

May 19 - All school talent show 12:30 PM in the church basement.

May 19 - Middle school dance 7 to 9 PM in the church basement.

May 20 - Sports banquet in the school gym 6 PM.

May 22 - Grade 7 and 8 science fair in the church basement 6 to 7 PM.

May 24 to 27 - Grade 8 field trip to Washington D. C.

May 29 - No school. Memorial Day.

May 31 - Field day.

June 1 - 8th grade graduation 7 PM in the church.

june 2 - Last day of school. All school Mass and awards 8:30 AM in the church.

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Click here to visit the St Patrick Preschool website. This website will allow you to order on-line bricks, welcome mural tiles and benches. You are able to pay by using PayPal and send all your information directly to Angela Davis,project coordinator.  Any questions please contact Angela at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


lpp engrave optionsThere are various ways to donate and be part of the preschool structure from years to come including engravings in a prayer garden brick, welcome mural and different gardens. We also have different sponsor plans toale it easier to donate.

Please visit website above to make any donations or place any orders. All order forms are on this site. You can also print order forms from this site and mail directly to school, attention Angela Davis.


lpp renderingsThe preschool will be located at the corner of Depeyster Street and Alley #1, near the current school. The building is about 7,200 square feet. It will contain three classrooms (one for each age level), and a multi-purpose room. The building will incorporate sustainable materials and will use eco-friendly building practices. It will be a showcase for environmental awareness and sustainability.

The curriculum will meet state academic standards and provide opportunities for children to experience and reflect on the natural world. The curriculum and school environment will complement each other as students will learn that conscious choices impact the world’s resources.

The preschool will serve:
• Two (2) three year old classes (morning and afternoon)
• Two (2) four year old classes (morning and afternoon)
• One (1) full day pre-kindergarten

This project also provides classroom environments to enhance the methodology of learning, and even an indoor tube-slide from first to lower level. We are enthusiastic to serve the environment & community with this structure, not only by providing the best early childhood development education in North-East Ohio, but also by hosting community events in a safe and charming environment.


We believe that helping children connect to God and nature is good for both the child and the earth. Through exploration, interaction and play children learn about the world and each other.

We value the development of a classroom that works together to gain a greater 
understanding and appreciation for themselves, each other and the world God has given them.

Our curriculum meets state academic standards and provides opportunities for children to experience and reflect on our natural world. We believe by modeling conscious choices in the classroom we not only reduce impact on the earth’s resources, but also help children begin a lifelong appreciation of sustainability.


As the design process continues forward for our new St. Patrick pre-school we welcome the opportunity to involve the Parish in our selection of the professional design team. Currently, we have secured a registered Architect and licensed Civil Engineer to assist us with the building planning process, and endeavor to recruit the following personnel:

• Licensed Structural Engineer
• Licensed Mechanical & Plumbing Engineer
• Licensed Electrical Engineer

These candidates must be engineers, licensed to practice in the state of Ohio, and share in our commitment to serve others. Primary consideration for these individuals will be given to those affiliated with our St. Patrick family.

Please contact Father Pentello or Angela Davis at school or 330-329-8240 if you or someone you know, may be interested in joining our team. Thank you for your continual support with this project! God bless!”


As part of our commitment to Catholic education and the continued future growth of the St. Patrick School community, plans are underway for the construction of a new preschool facility that would be associated with St. Patrick.

I have had the opportunity to review the plans and blueprints for this endeavor and I commend those involved for their work to this point. As school principal, I wholeheartedly support the creation of this preschool and ask everyone to support its construction. We are beginning to receive calls from parents inquiring if we have a preschool. Sometime in the not too distant future we hope to be able to say yes and I look forward to the enrollment of our future preschool class.

-Howard Mancini, Principal



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