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Congratulations to third grade teacher, Mrs. Sue O'Connor. She has been awarded the Golden Apple Award. She is only one of seven teachers in the Diocese to receive this award.

May 12 - Grade 4 Live Museum in the morning in the church basement.

May 17 - Parent band conccert 7 PM in the church basement.

May 18 - School band concert 9:30 AM in the church basement.

May 19 - All school talent show 12:30 PM in the church basement.

May 19 - Middle school dance 7 to 9 PM in the church basement.

May 20 - Sports banquet in the school gym 6 PM.

May 22 - Grade 7 and 8 science fair in the church basement 6 to 7 PM.

May 24 to 27 - Grade 8 field trip to Washington D. C.

May 29 - No school. Memorial Day.

May 31 - Field day.

June 1 - 8th grade graduation 7 PM in the church.

june 2 - Last day of school. All school Mass and awards 8:30 AM in the church.

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Faculty & Staff

St. Patrick School offers small classes and a caring faculty, allowing for more individual attention and growth.

Our faculty is comprised of skilled, dedicated teachers, guidance counselors, and tutors. They are sensitive to the uniqueness of each student.

Our experienced teachers are professionals who truly value each child, providing them with structure, discipline, and direction.

Teachers hold each child to a high standard of achievement. As a result of those high expectations, children are challenged in both class and homework assignments, and each student is expected to accept responsibility for his or her actions.

Our teachers create a positive, motivating place to learn. At St. Patrick School, teachers feel that students don’t fail; teachers fail students – and they are determined that each child will succeed.

By letting each student know that they believe in the student’s ability to succeed enhances their feeling of self-worth.

Do you have specific questions about our classrooms, curriculum, or teachers? Please contact us and let us know. We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and address your concerns.



Pastor Rev. Richard Pentello
Permanent Deacon Mr. Timothy DeFrange
Permanent Deacon Mr. Mike Stabilla
Principal Mr. Howard Mancini
Secretary Mrs. Josette Atkinson

Kindergarten K Mrs. Catherine Kirkland
Kindergarten S Mrs. Heather Scott
Grade 1-S Mrs. Shelby Snellenberger
Grade 1-D Mrs. Laura DiBarto
Grade 2-B Mrs. Katrina Braden
Grade 2-S Miss Leah Savel
Grade 3-O Mrs. Sue O'Connor
Grade 3-W Mrs. Jennifer Wohlwend
Grade 4-G Mrs. Elaine Goodhart
Grade 4-U Mrs. Karin Underwood
Grade 5-I Mrs. Cindy Idone
Grade 5-L Mrs. Kimberly Lefoer
Grade 6-T Mrs. Nancy Thompson
Grade 6-J Miss Brianna Jones
Grade 7-S Mrs. Patricia Shumiloff
Grade 7-L Mrs. Carleen Lostoski
Grade 8-N Mrs. Marcy North
Grade 8-B Mrs. Julie Brown

Computer Teacher Mrs. Lucy Zaynor
Library Aide & Latchkey Coordinator Mrs. Jean Daigneau
Physical Education/Gym Miss Mikala Pritts
Music Dr. Renee Illa
Art Mrs. Kathy Varela
Teacher Aide Miss Kathy Bennett
General Tutor Mrs. Marybeth Lillick
Spanish Teacher Mrs. Kathy Varela
Psychologist/Guidance Mrs. Mary Toppen
Speech & Hearing Mrs. Ali Herren
LD Tutor Mrs. Nicole Murphy
Cafeteria Manager Mrs. Jen Colgrove
School Nurse Mrs. Barbara Papp
Textbook Clerk Mrs. Beth Flower
Playground Monitor Miss Mikala Pritts
Custodian Mr. Olan Booher


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